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My friends in Hell.

It happenned to me. My first time.
Yesterday, as I walked out of a store with a man, we talked briefly as we walked toward our cars.
I said that I am certain to go to Heaven after this life.

This is the first time someone tells me "I am going to Hell and my friends will be there ...."
I said a few things and kept on going.

Once I was back home, I started to think about what the man said to me.

Step 1 in thinking: If he finds his friends in Hell they will not be happy to see him.

Step 2 in thinking: When you get to hell - you have NO friends. I.e. all are your ennemies.

Step 3 in thinking: When I get to Heaven - ALL are my friends;
God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit,
the angels and all the saints.

Step 4 in thinking: What will I say to the next person who says
"I will be in hell with my friends." ?

What about you ?
Think about what you will say to the next person who says "I will be in Hell with my friends."

Benoit Paquette August 24, 2013

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