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    Children in Glory. Used with permission.

Download  Amazing Grace (kids).
Download  Better way.
Download  Children in Glory.
Download  Grateful dead.
Download  Ground is level.
Download  Lord of my life - Amazing grace (reprise).
Download  Man from Coffee county.
Download  Olivia's crying.
Download  Precious stones.
Download  Two hearts in his name.
Download  Until the rapture.
Download  Woman behind the man.

    Frozen lake. Used with permission.

Download  Already Blessed.
Download  But now.
Download  Footsteps.
Download  Frozen lake.
Download  Holy river.
Download  Portrait.
Download  Soldier of the Cross.
Download  Someday soon.
Download  Spiritualize.
Download  The choice.
Download  Where I'm Goin'.
Download  Your broken heart.
Download  Hannah - Frozen lake. From Barry Hampton's website.

    After the fall. Used with permission.

Download  A little more light.
Download  After the fall.
Download  Because you loved me.
Download  Beggin' to Begin.
Download  On my knees.
Download  Sharp as a knife.
Download  Tearin' the church on down.
Download  The bible tells me so.
Download  Thou art my praise.
Download  Very voice of God.
Download  We get lied to.

    After the fall bonus songs. Used with permission.

Download  Dear Lord.
Download  Enough love.
Download  Thorn in my side.

    Other songs extracted from bible lessons. Used with permission.

Download  Cannot stand the truth.
Download  Guiding light.
Download  It is well with my soul. A woman sings.
Download  I am adopted.
Download  The faith of Christ.
Download  What a friend we have in Jesus. Scott Mitchell sings.
Download  What a friend we have in Jesus. A woman sings.
Download  When we gather in his name.

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