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2 Corinthians 5:20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us:
we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

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Benoit Paquette   King James; why I used it. - These will not save you. - Who are you ?
  Titles of Jesus Christ. - An incredible Coptic Priest protecting Christianity.
  The NIV Bible: Apostasy in Print. - God versus Science. - Numbers in the bible.
  Book order of the Hebrew Bible. - List of the 613 Commandments.
  Old Oxford Bible Complete. - Le plus gros des mensonges. - 200 changes.
  My friends in Hell. - Hey God, your Son is showing. - "May God bless you." - "Heirs of God."
  Repent of your sins. - The one baptism. - The one mediator. - Not for sale. - Did Paul write Hebrews ?
  The 10 % cheerful giver. - Right division and Mid-Acts dispensationalism. - The YES BUT game.
  Are U the U in Unity ? - And I gave her space to repent. - Wars and rumours of war.
  Once saved always saved OSAS. - Predestination.

Wayne Stewart   ABC's of Right Division.

Nolan Butler   The 8 mysteries of Paul.  - Follow Paul.

Other Preachers

Right Divider on YouTube  Bible lessons taken from Youtube.

Grace Life Bible Church  Bible lessons mostly by Bryan Ross.

Fred Bekemeyer  Bible lessons.

Bible truth for today  Bible lessons.
  25th Annual Florida Regional Grace Confrence.  2nd Annual Florida Spring Bible Conference.

Steve Atwood  Bible lessons.

Truth Time Radio  Bible lessons.

Rodney Beaulieu  Bible lessons.

John Verstegen  Bible lessons.

Riches of Grace  Bible lessons.

Vern Simmons  Vern Simmons 2005-2009  Bible lessons.

Maps Maps to use with the bible.

Trophimus   Willard Sessoms: Pauline authority, santification, the Mystery of Israel's blindness, spiritual gifts,
  sufferings, the rapture, closing comments.
  Articles by Frank Le Doux.
  Richard Jordan: Prayer, Walk in wisdom, Figs and the Future.

Keith Blades   Personal tribulation.  Suffering for Christ.

Conferences  Chattanooga Bible Conference 2013

GraceImpact.org  Featured videos.


King James 400 years

Triangle Bible Church Flight path of Jesus Christ at the Second Advent.

Shawn Brasseaux  Hundreds of articles, blog entries, maps and charts.

Grace Bible Church of Rolling Meadows
  Handling Objections - John Klasen.  Israel's Prophesied Kingdom - John Klasen.
  Jesus of Nazareth - John Klasen.  Prayer for the Body of Christ - John Klasen.
  Satan's Role in the World Today - John Klasen.  The Salvation Gospel - John Klasen.
  Foreknown, Predestinated, Chosen and Elect - Peter Philippi

Charity Bible Church   Bible lessons by Brian Sipes.   Bible lessons by Brian Sipes; Sunday School.
  Bible lessons by Robbie Sipes.   Bible lessons by Robbie Sipes; Sunday School.

Ray Keable Did Paul author Hebrews ?

Norman Cady Articles.
        Israel and the Church.    Things changed.
        Grace or Works.    Prophecy and Mystery in a nutt-shell.
        Biblical references.    Learning scripture.
    Lessons in MP3.
        Let's Get Straight.    Things that preachers don't tell you.

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